Preface (by young people from the South West of England)

Somebody said that taking 30 young people from all over the South West away on a weekend trip to assess this book was completely crazy – and we agreed with them!

We decided to risk it anyway.

When Bill first showed us the book, we were surprised how much of it there was – for all we knew it could have been the next Harry Potter book. We began to wonder what we had set ourselves up for.

The aim of this book is to help young people get actively involved and to develop and accredit our skills.

During the weekend, we tried all the activities and we fed back to the whole group what was good and what could be improved. Changes were then made and hopefully this has made this book more useful, easy to understand and young people friendly.

We would like to thank everyone involved.

We certainly enjoyed the weekend so we hope you enjoy the book!

Andi Fox, Nina Tellam, Sarah Williams, Mike MacKenzie, Mel Jones, Ben Travess, Dean Crane, Claire Reynolds, Darren Crisp, Hayley Cribb, Christopher Griffin, Natalee Riley, Lucy Alper, Chris Hutton, Jane Crawford, Alex Renouf, Alexandra Sachs, Kye Pearce-Rees, Jamie Brown, Lee Hitchings, Greg Muson, Robert Crane

Preface to 2009 edition (by Alex Farrow, a trainer with The NYA since aged 16)

Act by Right is a fantastic change tool which allows young people to make real and lasting change in the heart of their community through an accredited and easy to follow toolkit. What is unique is the diversity of policy environments that it has been applied to, be it as part of youth inspections in North East Lincolnshire, a core resource for UK Youth Parliament, evaluating and planning service delivery in Worcestershire or on the world stage to fight the effects of climate change in partnership with LEAD International. It has combined the practical and energetic fight for change with the solid framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and it is this rooting that makes it one of the strongest and fiercest community action tools for young people around today.

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