Stages of the journey – mapping progress

Building up a picture of your progress through the workbook is like a journey. You need to make sure you are on track and have everything you need for each stage. The young people who worked on the draft of Act by Right came up with a range of images about journeys. These were given to Brick, the cartoonist and illustrator, who developed from them the five-stage journey planner in which the activists and participants also grow and develop along the way.

Cartoon of the cartoonist

The journey planner and progress log can be found in the Resources section. At the end of each unit, use the journey planner as a log or checklist to confirm you have everything in place for the next stage.

  • Activities completed – check
  • Evidence log – check
  • Review of learning – check
  • Act by Right Charter – check
  • Signed and dated by you
  • Signed and dated by a witness
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