What is in Act by Right?

Act by Right has five units. While you can pick out the ones of most use to you, they are designed to follow on from each other, to build your understanding and ability to work together on issues and concerns of importance to you. They are like stages of a journey, with five stopping off points, where you pick up what you need for the next stage towards your final destination.

Each unit has three aims and each aim has three activities. It takes about three hours to complete each aim. With the hour review of learning at the end of each unit, you therefore need ten hours for each unit. That’s 50 hours for the whole workbook. You can also use Act by Right towards accreditation by ASDAN. More details are given in the Resources section.

Here is the outline of the workbook, or the stages of the journey.

1. Getting to know each other and representing others


  • Understanding each other
  • Appreciating and respecting other people
  • Representing other people

2. Getting to know our community


  • Understanding communities
  • Mapping communities
  • Identifying community links and support

3. Getting ready for action


  • Agreeing the group’s priority for action
  • Developing an action plan for change
  • Building alliances

4. Campaigning for change


  • Creating a clear message
  • Getting the message across
  • Keeping the campaign alive

5. Finding out what’s changed


  • Understanding about evaluation
  • Tooling up for evaluation
  • Doing the evaluation

All the review sheets for each unit and a number of the activities have activity sheets you can photocopy and use. These are referenced in the text and can be found in the Resources section. In Where to find out more, there is a range of useful material that may support the group in its activity.

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